Hi there. I’m Amy! If you’re here I’m guessing you can already tell I love food. Brekkie, brunch and dinner. Lots of coffee (I have 2 young boys), wine anytime and of course desserts, there’s always room for dessert!

I’m not much of a cook so I guess I’m lucky to live in Melbourne, Australia where there are so many cafes and restaurants as well as some great wineries so close by.
I also married a chef! Now if you’re thinking “way to go, fancy meals every night” it didn’t quite go that way.  Unfortunately it’s his job so he just wants to come home and relax, not cook some more.  Lucky for me he’s ok with meat and 3 veg.  I do get great meals on his days off though!  On these days he’ll play around with new ideas and sometimes he’ll let me share the recipe, win/win. I hope you enjoy my foodie adventures.

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