Shopping at The General Store

Late last year I was given the opportunity to shop Aussie Farmers Direct online shop The General Store which has you sorted for all your pantry items.  It was perfect for me to pick up the essential ingredients to make the glaze for the Christmas Ham and a cake for hubby’s birthday early January.

I ordered on a Wednesday afternoon and the delivery came on the Friday before Christmas.  I was able to find all the ingredients needed quite easily using the side bar which has items catergorised and when I got stuck I was easily able to search the product I was after.  The usual brands were there at competitive prices.  I love the convenience to shop at home especially when you know the shopping centre will be a little crazy.

Hubby then turned these ingredients into a delicious tasting ham.


I’m a big fan of the packet mix cake and its even better when you find one that tastes good.  I was happy to be able to find the white wings cake in The General Store!  I knew I would be short of time to decorate a cake and wanted something easy for my boys to help with.

My go to cake decoration is a Kit Kat cake because everyone loves them….don’t you!   And they are quick and easy to put together.  Once again a winner.

Kit Kat cake for the win!

Do you like to do your grocery shopping online?  Check out Aussie Farmers Direct for a convenient way to shop Aussie brands.

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