I was recently invited to Longstory Short to try their menu.  I started my meal with a coffee, a cold drip which was just what I needed after the day I’d had.  It certainly hit the spot and was quite refreshing.

The Food

There were a few of us here so there was a variety of meals ordered. 
The ribs, open souvlaki, chicken burger, fish and chips and their
signature burger….

I had the lamb souvlaki which was served with a side of chips
presented in a basket.  It was delicious.  The pulled meat was so tender
and it was topped off with tomato and onion giving that crunch.  Served
open and plated like a pizza.  The dilema here was how to eat it – roll
it like a souva or cut it with your knife and fork.  I chose the
latter.  They did have a slight issue with the meat being a bit on the
salty side but this is easy to fix and will become a great meal on the

And then it was time for DESSERT.

apple pannacotta, tim tam pancakes and the amazing fairy floss dessert
burger were amongst the chosen which could also work as breakfast dishes
for those sweet tooths out there.

The panacotta had the most amazing green apple hit but didn’t quite
have its usual wobble.  The fruit jellies and grains it came on popped
with flavour making it a very enjoyable dish.

The pancakes come with tim tams sprinkled on them, loaded with chocolated ice cream.  Enough said!

My favourite.  It had to be the fairy floss dessert burger.  It comes
beautifully presented as a plate of fairy floss with a white chocolate
sauce to pour over.

As you pour the sauce on, the fairy floss dissolves revealing the ice cream filled burger leaving behind a sweet sauce to soak up with the brioche bun.  Such a clever dessert and pretty tasty.

Long Story Short are open for breakfast and lunch in Port Melbourne.  The cafe is modern and spacious, and the staff are very welcoming.

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