Lately Sundays have become our eating out day and it is usually for breakfast.  With two young boys we try to eat out early to be in and out quickly so they don’t get
too restless.  Last week we were invited to check out Mocha Mojo in Berwick.  I had been in there previously for a coffee and one of the new golden lattes which were really good.  They have a gun barista Ben, running the show on the coffee machine.  He shows so much passion in every cup he pours so you know it’s going to be good to drink.  They use Zest coffee which is locally roasted.

Located in Eden Rise shopping centre means that weekends are bound to be busy.  We arrived at 9 for breakfast and the place was already buzzing with only a share table left, it seats about 70 inside and out.  We were shown to our table and offered coffees which we desperately needed (and I think it showed) as we got the kids sorted with their toys and colouring books.  The menu had all the usual breakfast dishes that you would expect to find in a suburban cafe but they do a great job of jazzing them up a little.  Keeping up with trends they also have a paleo menu for those wanting something a little healthier.

The chef is definitely up to date with modern dishes and is also helping us bloggers out with trendy and colourful plating, perfect to post on Instagram.  I chose to have the Corn and Sweet Potato Fritters with beetroot hummus.  After all what looks better than a smear of bright purple on a plate.  I did get a bit of food envy though when I saw the brioche french toast going to another table. It looked fantastic.  Dan chose the Av Smash which was a very generous portion of avocado.  The avocado and feta mix was fresh with firm cherry tomatoes to boot.  Eggs where cooked spot on which made for a good tasty dish.  My fritters had plenty of flavour and were seasoned well.  The eggs again was cooked perfectly along with my crispy bacon.

As we were waiting for our meals the kids were getting a bit restless so Dan took them out to play on the play ground which is set just outside the cafe.  I’m sure this is a relief to many parents dealing with toddlers while waiting for breakfast.  There is a small kids menu however ours prefer to eat at home and have a treat out.  So when they came in from the playground awaiting them was a strawberry milkshake and iced biscuits made to look like Nemo and Dory.  They were happy and quiet for about 5 minutes. 

After we finished our meals, we were offered another coffee which we couldn’t say no to.  Overall the Mocha Mojo expereince was really good.  Great coffee, honest food with a pleasant atmoshere and friendly service.

I was invited as a guest.  All opinions in this review are my own.

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