After weeks of me asking ‘have you booked it yet?’  Dan finally responded with ‘yes, is 6pm ok?’.
I was pretty excited that we were finally going to eat at O.MY Restaurant in Beaconsfield.  I’ve been following their restaurant journey on social media since they opened but hadn’t had the chance to get there until now.  It was an amazing food experience, with a professional but friendly service to match.

An empty dining room awaiting it’s guests

Upon arrival we were greeted and shown to our table.  Being the first table for the night we had the place to ourselves for a short time.  With only 24 seats in the restaurant (and an additional room at the back for larger bookings of up to 10) the ambience was cosy.  The brothers who run the restaurant have an unbelievable passion for food and wine.

We were given the wine list and the choice of a 6 or 8 course degustation.  Dan had an Hargreaves Hill Pale Ale and I tried their bellini which was an apple, mint and elderflower mix for the night.

Our drinks of choice for the night

We chose the 6 course menu and before we knew it the first plate of food was placed in front of us.  We were informed this was an extra course of treats that the chefs had been playing around with.  As the waiter put it “the chefs just having some fun”.  There was a 2 hour egg yolk with macerated mushroom and black garlic, a fresh radish blanched in sea salt and a blini with fermented potato and something I didn’t quite catch.  I was quite impressed that our waiter had the menu down pat and had an answer to any question we asked.

The chefs were playing around and created this

Then it went something like this:

First course

No Wastage Pumpkin

This was one of my favourites so it was a great start the night.  Looking at this you’re probably wondering what is it?  Under the sheet of pasta sat a roasted pumpkin infused with chilli.  The extras on top were a sprinkling of pumpkin skin ash and some candied pumpkin seeds.

Second course

Tomatoes fresh from the garden

Our waiter brought this plate to the table saying “there was nothing more they could do to them to make any better” so it was a plate of beautifully fresh tomatoes.  They did come on a balsamic and olive oil gel with a sprinkle of tomato salt.  We were also given a slice of freshly baked sourdough bread with house churned butter and rosemary salt.  This was also amazing, so much freshness.

Third course

Roasted Jerusalem artichoke with san fry emulsion and warrigul greens

This dish was a winner for Dan.  Full of flavour, well seasoned and great textures for such a simple vegetable.
Fourth course

Pork belly cooked overnight and fig in a pork concentrated stock

Good drop of red wine

This was a nice dish but didn’t have the same impact that previous dishes had on us.  Dan did enjoy a glass of the 2012 Domaine Guiberteau Cabernet Franc.

Fifth course

Dry aged beef, turnip, horseradish creme fraiche, baby onion

The horseradish creme fraiche was a winner on this one

Sixth course

A toasted marshmallow on a rosemary stick, honey from the bees with
camomile flowers and lemon curd and a zucchini and quince tart made only
from the 2 ingredients

Pumpkin skin ice cream, smoked buckwheat and almond curd
Black garlic ice cream and meringue with strawberries 

Well the desserts just kept coming so I was in dessert heaven although these were not my usual caramel and chocolate desserts.  They really pushed the dessert lines and swayed more towards the savoury desserts.  Don’t worry I still totally enjoyed them.
The honey was one of the smoothest we have ever had.  Dan’s not a huge honey fan and even he enjoyed it so that’s saying something.  The zucchini and quince tarts were delicious but had me trying to work out how they made them, very clever.
The pumpkin skin ice cream was nice but I wasn’t fussed with the curd.
As for the black garlic ice cream and meringue, I’ve never had so much confusion on taste whilst eating a dessert before.  It tasted just like garlic then there was a punch of sweetness and on it went.  The meringue added texture and the strawberries complimented the garlic.  This was my favourite dessert.

Wow what a night.  Next time we’ll catch a cab and put Chayse’s wine pairing to the test.
Rating:  9/10

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