Everybody say “CHEESE”

Plaza Deli can be found in Northcote at…you guessed it…the Northcote Plaza.  With an amazing selection of cheeses, meats and treats it was like heaven for any antipasto lover.  The deli is only small but it has everything! 

I was kind of excited to check out Plaza Deli for another reason.  This years craze being all about the graze, I had been looking at grazing tables for my 40th.  When Meri invited us down to a tasting I was quite interested to find out more about her catering.

When we arrived Meri and Diana were setting up our spread.  Out came the table, then a few wheels of cheese, followed by meats, more cheese and crackers, fruit, bourek, sweet biscuits and even risotto.  It was all beautifully styled and arranged with flair creating an amazing grazing station for us foodies to admire and then devour.  There was so many varieties of cheeses to try – blue, creamy bries, stout, sweet, goats (lets just say it was a very cheesy afternoon).

The d’affinois is one of my favourite cheeses and it seemed to be popular with everyone there as this wheel was almost eaten. 

And I booked the catering for my party!  Keep an eye out on Instagram for the epic spread later this month.

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