Short Black Cafe combinines the cafe vibe of high quality coffee with restaurant style dining.  We had the pleasure of dining at Short Black Cafe a week ago and dinner was delicious.  We were greeted by Charlie on arrival who showed us to our table and sorted drinks out for us.  We had an early booking which gave us a chance to chat to the restaurant manager Rahul.  Having worked in Camberwell many, many years ago it was interesting seeing the changes to the Chocolate Box building which is where you will find this restaurant.

Pizza making on display
Proscuitto cut to order
View of the restaurant

To start with we chose the arancini & croquettes from the Tapas menu.  The arancini balls were napoli, mozzarella, parmesan and bocconcini and were served three on a plate.  This flavours together were so tasty and the cheese combination was perfect.  Dan even said they were one of the best he’s had before.

The mini chorizo croquettes were easier to split with four bite sized croquettes on the plate.  I unsuccessfully squeezed the lime squirting it into my eye so I don’t think much made it onto the croquettes.  Another good choice for entree.  Both dishes were presented beautifully.

For main I had the Atlantic salmon served on mash potato with asparagus.  I thought the fish was really good however Dan felt it was a little over cooked.  The potato could have used a little extra seasoning but I was able to add salt and pepper at the table.  Overall I did enjoy the dish.

Dan was in the mood for pizza and they did look good coming out of the pizza oven.  His choice, the Diavolo with sopressa salami, napoli, red onion, cherry tomatoes, chilli, roquette and fresh bocconcini.  He didn’t quite get through it on the night but was able to take the last couple of pieces home.  I tried a slice as it looked good, but was a little unsure as it sounded spicy.  There was a hint of heat but not a lot.  I loved the cherry tomatoes with the bocconcini.

I’d already eyed off the desserts when we arrived so was saving room for my lemon meringue.  It did not disappoint.  The meringue was so light and fluffy and the lemon filling was delicious.  I may have overindulged a little, but it was worth it.

The staff were very friendly and attentive throughout the evening.  The service was spot on. 

I was invited as a guest to Short Black Cafe.  All opinions in this review are my own.

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