Strawzenberry is a new boutique juice and smoothie bar that has opened in Berwick.  The menu covers healthy options including smoothies, acai bowls, cold pressed or freshly squeezed juices and bliss balls.  And if it’s a cheat day you can indulge in a gelato or one of their mad shakes.

After trying one of their acai bowls during the week, I headed there again last weekend when the Melbourne sun was out.  Great timing as the sun always makes you want to eat healthy and a cold pressed juice with a couple of bliss balls made the perfect afternoon tea.

The Radiance cold pressed juice contains orange, pineapple, kiwi and mint.  It was very refreshing with just a hint of the mint.  I’m fairly new to the cold pressed juice scene but I like the fact that I’m drinking more of the nutrients.

I couldn’t decide between the vanilla brownie and the cherry ripe bliss ball so I had both.  A little naughty but they are a healthy treat after all, although you wouldn’t know it as they taste like chocolate balls.

And as for the mad shakes, I think they speak for themselves.  I love having the kids with me so I can try these things out and they can finish them off.  The cookies and cream shake is loaded with cookies and cream gelato, drizzled with a delicious chocolate fudge, a few oreo cookies and a white choc brownie topped with a swirl of cream and a wafer.  This shake is ridiculously good and the milk actually has flavour too.  A lot of these fancy shakes are all about what’s on the outside.  Needless to say my boys loved it too and were quiet for five minutes while they drank it.

I’m pretty sure this will be a very popular meeting place come Summer time.  If you’re in the area head down to Eden Rise shopping centre and check it out.

I was invited to Strawzenberry.  All opinions in this review are my own.

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