Have you ever had food envy?  I’m usually pretty happy with my food choices but it happened last weekend at White Mojo.  We had stayed in the city overnight and headed to White Mojo for breakfast.

To start with we had our usual coffees and a cold pressed juice each.  White Mojo roast their own beans and are in the process of setting up the roasting in their Balwyn cafe.  I really enjoyed their coffee which was on the lighter side and very smooth.  The barista made a perfect cup with the milk bringing the sweetness out in the coffee.  Also loving the coffee art!

The Doctor C juice was made with orange, carrot, grapefruit, lemon and mint.  The carrot flavour was a little bit overpowering for me.  The Summer Lovin made from apple, pineapple, lemon and mint was all about summer.  It was refreshing with a slight sweetness and with the sun out that day it almost felt like summer…almost.

Zucchini pancakes, pumpkin puree, green kale, seasonal green, fried haloumi and poached egg.

Look at that haloumi!  I thought I was on a winner with the zucchini fritters.  The flavours in this dish went really well together however the fritters could have used a little more seasoning.  Of course it was the haloumi that jumped out at me on the menu which led to this brekkie being ordered.  I also felt pretty good choosing a healthier option.  But then it happened…I saw the waitress walk past with a beautiful dish of meringue, fruit and WAFFLES!  I didn’t see waffles on the menu so went back and checked, yes there they were.  I was distracted by the haloumi and now had food envy. 

King prawns, chorizo and fried egg on sourdough with white bean puree and fresh chilli

Dan ordered the Chilli Prawn & Chorizo off the lunch menu.  He wasn’t a huge fan of the prawn heads as it can be messy to eat but otherwise the dish was flavoursome and as the menu reads.  He still enjoyed it.

Belgian waffles with seasonal fruits, lemon curd, meringue and freezed dried fruits

I couldn’t leave with food regret and as we don’t get in to the city all that often I convinced Dan to share the waffles with me (and this became lunch).  Oh em gee!  By far my favourite dish (so far).  The waffle was just right, not soggy and not crunchy.  Meringue lightly toasted with lemon curd to cut through the sweetness.  The berries and freeze dried fruits added some freshness and crunch to the dish.  I LOVED the waffles.

White Mojo is a great brunch spot on Hardware Lane and was full by mid morning the day we went.  I loved the decor of marble tiles against the white walls and timber.  The artwork on the wall stood out especially this sparkly bull.  The staff were very attentive and service was great.

I was invited as a guest to White Mojo.  All opinions in this review are my own.

So tell me, have you had food envy?  Where were you?

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